Business Transactions

Transacting business Historically, contract disputes have been the underlying basis for a significant percentage of litigation in general, and specifically business-related litigation. However, at Anderson Hinkins LLC, we believe that a well-crafted and well-negotiated contract can provide considerable advantages for any organization regardless of size and influence. We have experience in writing, reviewing and negotiating contractual agreements.

Anderson | Hinkins affirms that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; therefore, we recommend that organizations seek legal counsel in the contractual process before a business arrangement is made. We believe that a good future defense (or offense) to any potential dispute often hinges on the initial negotiated terms of the contract. We are well versed in contract negotiation, writing and litigation.

Although many business ventures begin with parties working together, you must keep in mind that each party has its own agenda. Regardless the issue, we will help your business negotiate and craft contractual agreements to your best possible benefit.

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