Train Accidents

Every day in the United States, millions of people ride trains. When trains or train tracks are not appropriately maintained, a serious, catastrophic accident is likely to occur.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, hundreds of people die in train related accidents each year. Among the causes of train related accidents are the following:

  • Collision with another train
  • Derailment
  • Collision with a car or bus
  • Unprotected railway crossings
  • Inadequate railway crossing warnings
  • Mechanical failure that leads to an accident
  • Inadequate security on the train
  • Dated and unsuitably maintained tracks
  • Conductor or engineering negligence

A train is considered a common carrier. When a train accident occurs, an attorney should investigate and determine if the carrier is liable for the injuries sustained. Common carriers have a higher responsibility to safely transport the public by taking all necessary safety precautions to avoid an accident.

In the event of a train accident, the aid of legal counsel can help you focus your attention on getting on with your physical and emotional recovery.

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