My case with Jake was a fairly straightforward custody case that spanned multiple years and went through a 2 day trial. When searching for attorneys to take my case I chose Jake over the attorneys I would have gotten a discount through work with because of the great things I heard about him and his expertise.

Through the stress of the case, Jake's confidence in his own abilities and his professionalism definitely gave me an appreciation for him and his firm. In comparison to the behavior I witnessed from the apposing attorney at trial (floundering over questions, slouching over the table, laying head on arms and surfing Facebook...), Jake was very respectful to the judge, focused, prepared and maintained professionalism throughout.

Jake clearly informed me of my worst case scenario to ensure there were no surprises. He is straightforward with the pros and cons of each step. He puts his best foot forward and is willing to listen to any input you have.

As with all attorneys, response time to questions and case updated varies. Jake will respond when it is critical and he gets everything filed when it is due. Sometimes slower communication can be frustrating but keeping in mind that Jake has other clients is important because just as he is focusing on them when it is most crucial, be sure he will do the same for your case.

– Amber Olson