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Don't Forget the Kids

Posted by T. Jake HinkinsApr 18, 20150 Comments

Parents generally want to do what is best for their children, but at times they allow their personal desires to override their good sense.  When parents get caught up in divorce litigation or custody litigation, the children are often the ones who suffer because the parent is simply focused on getting what they want.  To avoid this, the parents need to try to maintain a “business-like” relationship with the other parent.  The parents do not have to be best friends, but if they can learn to get along their children will benefit.  Children's best interests are preserved to the extent that parents' actions and words show that they love the children more than they dislike each other.

The American Psychological Association conducted research a couple of years ago that found that adults are only minimally aware of children's stress levels and of the issues that stress them.  Sam Goldstein, New Data On Stress In Our Children, (accessed March 31, 2010).  It takes an emotionally mature adult to be able to step back in the midst of a very turbulent time and focus on the children.  At Hinkins Law we assist clients in obtaining results in divorce and child custody matters that are compatible with the best interests of their children.