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FAMILY - Momma I'm Coming Home - Getting Our Client's Child Back

Posted by T. Jake HinkinsApr 30, 20150 Comments

In a divorce case that was drawn out for several years, our client went from having less than minimum visitation with her child to being the primary custodian of her child.  Our client came to us after having been represented initially by another law firm and having lost temporary orders.  We went to work and quickly got our client more parent-time.  We were successful in changing the temporary custody order to a joint custody situation through a series of hearings and a lot of discovery and careful case planning.  We were successful in establishing support payments for our client, and eventually we were able to obtain even more parent-time than our client previously offered to settle the case for a year prior to the final Decree being entered.  Our client is a remarkable lady, and I am so grateful we were able to help her out of a very difficult spot.