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3 Mistakes That Could Harm Your Personal Injury Claim

Posted by T. Jake HinkinsJan 04, 20220 Comments

No matter how much confidence you have in the strength of your personal injury claim, one small mistake could be enough to jeopardize your entire case. You can expect the insurance company to take advantage of any opportunity to deny or reduce the value of your claim, so it is critical that you are careful about what you say and do throughout the proceedings.

Here are just a few mistakes that could harm a personal injury case:

1. Posting About the Injury or Accident on Social Media

Using social media to connect with friends and family might seem reasonable after a serious accident. This is certainly a noteworthy event, and you may need the support of loved ones to cope with the adversity that you now face; however, the insurance adjuster might be monitoring your online accounts for posts that can be used to dispute your claim.

Text posts, photos, or videos from your social media profiles could bring liability, causation, or the severity of your injuries into question. In fact, the insurance adjuster might review the social media accounts belonging to other people in your online social circles. A seemingly benign photo of you enjoying yourself at a party or just having dinner with friends could be enough to cause a dispute.

There are countless ways your social media activity could negatively affect your claim, so it's a good idea to deactivate your accounts while the case is pending. If this isn't an option, update your privacy settings and ask friends and family not to post any photos of you. Also, do not accept connection requests from people whom you do not recognize.

2. Failing to Seek Immediate Medical Care

If your injuries didn't seem very serious when they happened, you might have chosen not to visit your doctor for treatment. But if you intend to bring a personal injury claim, it is critical that you undergo a medical assessment right away. Otherwise, the insurance adjuster might assert that the injuries were caused by something else or that you did not take reasonable steps to mitigate the damages. If it is determined that your own negligence exacerbated your damages, your financial recovery may be reduced.

3. Not Seeking Legal Counsel Soon Enough

There are many different kinds of evidence your attorney may use to build your claim. Much of this evidence could be time-sensitive and may only be available for a few days. Examples include surveillance recordings and dashcam footage. Eyewitnesses may also forget pertinent details. Your legal team will want to conduct the investigation right away so valuable evidence can be gathered while it is still available.

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