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How Attorneys Communicate With Their Clients Throughout a Case

Posted by T. Jake HinkinsJun 16, 20230 Comments

Personal injury attorneys use a variety of methods to communicate with their clients, including:

1. Phone calls: Phone calls are a common method of communication between personal injury attorneys and their clients. Attorneys may schedule regular phone calls to provide updates on the case and answer any questions the client may have.

2. Emails: Attorneys may also communicate with clients via email, particularly for non-urgent matters or for sending important documents and information.

3. In-person meetings: In-person meetings can be helpful for discussing complex legal issues and for building a strong attorney-client relationship. Attorneys may schedule in-person meetings at their office or at a location that is convenient for the client.

4. Video calls: With the increasing use of technology, video calls have become a popular method of communication for personal injury attorneys. Video calls can be particularly useful for clients who are unable to meet in person or who live in another city or state.

5. Letters: Attorneys may also communicate with clients via letters, particularly for sending formal documents such as settlement offers or court filings.

It's important to choose an attorney who is responsive and communicative and who will use the method of communication that works best for you. Make sure you discuss communication preferences with your attorney during the initial consultation so that you can establish clear expectations and ensure that you are kept informed throughout the case.