Success Stories

  • BUSINESS - Successfully Defended $3,000,000

    Successfully Defended

    A corporate client retained us to defend them in a contract dispute where the opposing party sought a judgment damages exceeding $3,000,000. The opposing party’s allegations were baseless and we aggressively defended our client from the outset. The result was that the opposing party accepted and agreed to our early demand that they take nothing and dismiss their case against our client with prejudice.
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  • FAMILY - Divorced…Finally


    A client approached us after a long and fruitless attempt to finalize a divorce. She was ready to move on with life, but the unresolved divorce case made this nearly impossible. Within a few months, we were able to successfully negotiate a deal that awarded our client a significant share of the marital assets and finalized the divorce.  
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  • ESTATE PLANNING - A Wealthy Long Lost Brother

    A Wealthy Long Lost Brother

    A client came to us when she received notice that her brother had passed away in a far away state. This brother had not been heard of for more than twenty years. We helped our client open a probate action and obtain the authority she needed to take care of her long-lost brother’s affairs. The effort was worthwhile in more ways then one. Our client and her siblings learned something of the life of their long-lost brother. They also discovered more than a quarter of a million dollars that their long-lost brother had left, by law, to them.
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  • FAMILY - Momma I'm Coming Home - Getting Our Client's Child Back

    In a divorce case that was drawn out for several years, our client went from having less than minimum visitation with her child to being the primary custodian of her child.  Our client came to us after having been represented initially by another law firm and having lost temporary orders.  We went to work and quickly got our client more parent-time.  We were successful in changing the temporary custody order to a joint custody situation through a series of hearings and a lot of discovery and careful case planning.  We were successful in establishing support payments for our client, and eventually we were able to obtain even more parent-time than our client previously offered to settle the case for a year prior to the final Decree being entered.  Our client is a remarkable lady, and I am so grateful we were able to help her out of a very difficult spot.
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  • BUSINESS - Successful Defense of Securities Litigation - Saving our clients $1,000,000

    We were able to successfully defend and settle a case involving numerous allegations against one of our clients as well as one of that corporation's officers.  Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, we successfully received an order dismissing one of the plaintiffs' claims and requiring the plaintiff to redraft their complaint in lieu of dismissing the entire complaint.  After battling through the case, we were able to resolve the case on terms that allowed my client to regain the previously sold shares in the corporation by paying a small fraction of what was claimed as owed in the lawsuit, saving our client approximately $1,000,000 if the plaintiffs had been successful in all of their claims.
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